Überseestadt Europahafen
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Universum Bremen
© Bremer Touristikzentrale

Bremen is … surprising

Leading aerospace centre and home to the knowledge worlds and one of Europe's largest urban development projects

'Well, I never knew that!' is a phrase often uttered by people visiting the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen for the first time. This fairytale location is traditionally known for its history and its cosmopolitan outlook. But Bremen is also the tenth-largest city in Germany, a European centre for aerospace, a city of science and home to the Überseestadt district, one of the largest urban development projects in Europe. Bremen, a destination full of surprises. "Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and I'll understand." Ancient wisdom from the Chinese philosopher Confucius that is perfectly embodied in Bremen, with museums that provide information in an entertaining way and discovery centres that are more than just a fun day out. For the 'knowledge worlds' in Bremen, the magic is in the variety – a wealth of information that is well explained and clearly presented. From Universum Bremen to the Ethnological Museum and the botanika – in Bremen they really know how to bring their subjects to life.