The Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis INT provides scientifically sound assessments and counseling on the entire spectrum of technological developments. On this basis, the Institute conducts Technology Forecasting, making possible a long-term approach to strategic research planning. Fraunhofer INT constantly applies this competence in projects tailor-made for our clients.

Over and above these skills, we run our own experimental and theoretical research on the effects of ionizing and electromagnetic radiation on electronic components, as well as on radiation detection systems. To this end, INT is equipped with the latest measurement technology. Our main laboratory and large-scale appliances are radiation sources, electromagnetic simulation facilities and detector systems that cannot be found in this combination in any other civilian body in Germany.

For more than 40 years, INT has been a reliable partner for the Federal German Ministry of Defense, which it advises in close cooperation and for which it carries out research in technology analysis and strategic planning as well as radiation effects. INT also successfully advises and conducts research for domestic and international civilian clients: both public bodies and industry, from SMEs to DAX 30 companies.

Movie: „Irradiation tests at Fraunhofer INT“

This movie illustrates the impact of a solar storm on satellites. Radiation effects can damage or destroy semi conductors in the satellite’s interior. One of these effects is called “Ionising Dose”. This leads to the formation of positively charged atomic cores within the oxide, which agglomerate at the gate and decisively change the electrical properties of the semi conductor.  By means of irradiation Tests at the INT particularly sensitive semi conductors can be sorted out before being send into space in order to avoid critical defects in Orbit.